Gary Koop

Digital Art, Oil Painting

As an artist I probably have a somewhat unconventional background.  My formal educational training consisted of a PhD Degree in Engineering and Applied Mathematics, and I spent most of my life working in high technology development and project management.  Although I was always interested in art, I just never did anything about it.  When I retired, however, I said "enough".  I'm going to train my "right brain" to do something useful.  Consistent with my technical background, I focused originally on Digital Art, using Photoshop as the creative platform (and I currently teach classes in Photoshop at a local college).  As time went on, though, I evolved into oil painting, acrylics, and mixed media.  My subject matters also became quite eclectic, including general Pastoral Scenes, "Georgia O'Keefe" -style flowers, People and Pet portraits, "Banksy"-style art forms, Abstract Paintings, etc.


I hope you enjoy the results of what has now become my life's passion.

Gary Koop.jpg

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