Artist: Grace Swanson


Burned and Dyed Art Board #4383


The flowers of the African Tulip tree are large and so beautiful. They are magnificent. The "pods" in the center of the flower cluster are filled with water and as kids we used to use them as mini squirt guns to squirt each other!

The wood artist board has been burned with a professional wood burning spear tip tool. That creates all the black lines on the artwork. Then GourdMaster dyes have been applied. The dyes are then heat set and the artwork is sealed with two coats of UV protecting polyurethane. The back is wired for hanging on a wall. Alternately this piece can be displayed on stand if desired.


12 inches x 12 inches


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African Tulip Tree

  • I am a gourd artist. I burn my designs onto gourds and dye them with GourdMaster dyes. Using the same burning and dyeing techniques I use wooden artist panels to burn on the design and then color the design with the gourd dyes. Each board is sprayed with 2 or more coats of UV protecting polyeurathane. Since it is a dye process this piece of art is best not displayed in prolonged direct sunlight. The backs are wired so it can hang and the wall or could be place on a table easle to be displayed on a shelf.

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