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A “power” collar


Description:  Contemporary collar design of three (3) Naga—Konyak (North India) amorphic conch shell beads etched by hot needle with cast bronze connecting elements strung with heavy matrix turquoise, bronze spacers and S-clasp, 18”, strung on SoftFlex wire (nylon coated stainless steel). NOTE: Conch shell denotes heroic men who have done great feats in warfare or headhunting.




For more information, contact, Bea Roberts:


Contemporary Naga design collar necklace

SKU: Roberts.B1417
  • Peoples and cultures of the world and their adornment fascinate me.  Ethnic adornment is the expression of people---their affinity with nature, family, clan, tribe; Expressions of protection, prowess, luck, religion; It is a window into lives long past and here now.

     Wearing of such adornment offers appreciation of OUR affinity with the peoples of the world and I want to share these wonders with you.

    From an artistic family and over a lifetime development of the skill sets for silversmith fabrication, lapidary, sewing and design in tandem with opportunities for worldwide travel and collecting, these have prepared me well for such creations utilizing only authentic and rare materials.  A descriptive card will accompany each item.

    My designs have been exhibited in juried shows, galleries and museum shops across the nation and I belong to several artists’ groups.

    Each of these items is one-of-kind created with the passion of my experiences.  Hopefully you can join me in this celebration!

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