Artist: Cheryl DeLain


My take: This statement necklace evokes the colors and feel of the southwestern desert at dusk.

Description: The length (including toggle clasp) is approximately 23 inches. Sponge coral beads are reddish-orange in color and measure 16mm-23mm. Sterling silver overlay beads measure 20mm x 20mm.

4 black horn and 4 turquoise spacers measure approximately 19-20mm.

4 onyx spacers measure approximately 10mm.

Findings include a pewter toggle clasp with sterling silver crimp and crimp covers.

Strung on Soft Flex wire (nylon coated stainless steel) for comfort, strength and longevity.

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Coral Necklace

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  • My jewelry is travel-inspired and features components from across the globe. Some I found during my own voyages, others were discovered by like-minded friends in their journeys, and still others were purchased from vendors during their travels. So enjoy a unique jewelry collection that features exotic gemstones from around the world, beautiful hand-blown glass from artists in Italy, interesting lampwork glass from the small family factories in the Czech Republic, vintage and vintage-inspired tribal silver components from Asia, and old glass beads made in Italy and used for trade in Africa, among others.