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Share the love of San Diego and the Pacific Ocean with this small (4" x 4") acrylic painting on canvas board of a brown pelican which live on our coast.  A small easel is included.  My cost for shipping ($8) has to be added to the cost ($28) of my artwork bringing the total to $36.

Brown Pelican

SKU: Buffington.AC2005
  • Having a BA in Biology and MS in Geosystems and a science educator for 25 years, nature has been an inspiration my entire life.  I have been motivated to paint since winning my first art competition in 4th grade.  I have been blessed to be able to see nuances in color and to have had brilliant instructors who taught me the mysteries of mixing pigments.  I love the emotional response a person has when recalling a memory of a special place so landscapes filled with rock crevices and floating clouds or dancing shadows are my favorite subjects but I also enjoy painting wildlife and moving figures.  I hope the viewer can find a peaceful solace when viewing my paintings.

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