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Artist: Grace Swanson


This artwork is made from pine needles that have been baked in glycerine to make them shiny and pliable. The center of the piece is a fossil called an ammonite. Beads are woven into the piece. This piece can hang on a wall or displayed with the included stand.


Size is 9.5 inches wide by 10 inches tall.


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Pine Needle Wall Hanging #5024

SKU: swanson5024
  • I learned to do pine needle weaving to finish off the tops of my gourd art. I discovered that I enjoyed this part of the gourd art so much that I started weaving holiday ornaments, baskets and pine needle art pieces. This weaving method is called coiling. This process takes many hours and is truly a labor of love. These artworks are eco-friendly using only natural materials.

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