Artist: Grace Swanson


Pine needle weaving made with long leaf pine needles from South Carolina. The pine needles have been baked in glycerin to make them darker, shiner, and more pliable. The stone in the center is chrysacola. The method of construction is called coiling or weaving of the pine needles. This process takes many hours and is truly a labor of love. This weaving may be displayed on a stand or hung on a wall. The stand is included.


9.75 x 9.75


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Pine Needle Artwork # 4326

SKU: Swanson.4326
  • I learned to do pine needle weaving to finish off the tops of my gourd art. I discovered that I enjoyed this part of the gourd art so much that I started weaving baskets and pine needle art pieces. This weaving method is called coiling and the area covered completely by the thread is called closed coiling. This process takes many hours and is truly a labor of love. These artworks are eco-friendly using only natural materials. The weavings may be displayed on a stand or hung on a wall.