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Artist: Haixin Li


Original painting with soft pastel. Early morning at Ponto Beach, Carlsbad, California. A pure tranquility and lasting strength. 


24”x18” framed


Free Shipping to USA only

Ponto Beach Plein Air Soft Pastel

  • I am an artist of various media including Oil and Acrylic Painting, Pastel, Pencil and Charcoal Drawing, Digital Painting, and Jewelry Design.

    Nature, people and colors of life inspire me. I always have such desire to capture the enchanting moments around us in everyday life in my art, so that they will last forever and to accompany us forever.

    I have been doing oil painting for 20 years. I studied art and oil painting at several community colleges. I also studied figure drawing with live models, and love to do figures and portraits with charcoal and color pencil. My drawings and paintings were displayed at San Diego County Fair Fine Art Exhibit several times. My favorite subjects in oil painting are floral, pets, women, kids and nature. I am always fascinated with the colors and lights that nature displays. 

    I also love to create digital painting with Photoshop and Wacom drawing pad. The ease of creating vibrant colors in digital painting is what attracts me the most, and of course the no mess working environment. Some of my digital paintings can be seen on my Facebook and Instagram (xins_art_studio)

    My jewelry design features natural semi-precious gem stones, crystals, sterling silver and gold-filled materials. I have displayed and sold my jewelry pieces at several local boutique stores. I have also won awards and ribbons at shows and contests. I organize a jewelry design club where I teach people how to design and make their own one-of-a-kind jewelry.

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