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Artist: Gayle Baker


The Tangiers collection is inspired by Moroccan art. Morocco was a land shaped by many conquerors. This is reflected in the art of diverse influence. Buildings are often decorated with detailed mosaics cut from glazed tiles. Intricate labor-intensive patterns astonish the eye. I've borrowed some of the concepts for modern life. Hang from French hook ear wires. Cast elements are from recycled sterling.


Size: 1.5"


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Tangiers jumbo heart earrings

SKU: Baker.10
  • GCB designs was created with the goal of producing a beautiful product that can be worn in everyday life, with minimal damage to the planet. Enjoying beauty is one of the distinctions that makes us human. Cast elements in GCB designs are produced from recycled sterling. Boxes, tages, inserts, postcards, printer paper and anything else we can think of comes from recycled resources or can be recycled. Whenever possible, chains and findings are sourced from recycled materials.

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