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This is a hand rolled slab, cut from my pattern and stamped with alphabet letter stamps, one letter at a time...and embellished with my hand made stamps, & jewelry. It is then fired in my kiln, then glazed with ceramic glazes and fired a 2nd time. The heart is sculpted, fired and glazed and placed in the niche....which is a sacred space or altar. A wire is attached on the back to hang on the wall. .....made with LOVE.


Creating time adds approximately one week from order date.


6" x 9" x 2"


Free Shipping to USA only

Woman in Harmony

SKU: Funk.3
  • I'm a native Californian and have been making art since early childhood, influenced by the beauty of nature, and people and storytelling. My current medium is clay, and my passion for creating with it began in 1988 making figures and vessels which led me to try many other forms.
    My passion and technique for making shadow boxes with inspirational sayings has been growing for the past 16 years. I hand build the shadow box and stamp each letter one at a time, then assemble them with a niche to adorn it such as a heart or Buddha and other icons. They are fired, then glazed, fired again and assembled with a hanging wire.
    I love sculpting figures that have a narrative (I have a story for each one when created) and the viewer can interpret it for themselves.
    Each design is unique, made to bring beauty, inspiration and a sense of identity with the spirit of the piece created. I feel a connection with each work in process.
    Handmade art possesses a certain soul that springs from the fingertips of the creator, and makes a connection with the viewer. When I begin with the clay in my hands; an image emerges and I begin shaping the clay. It is as if this pliable medium is alive and guides me as if we are partners. Whether the end result resembles the first idea I had, it is always a surprising and satisfying event and outcome.

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