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Bonnie Eklund


Bonnie Eklund and her husband Alejandro Torreblanca joined forces as BEAT Photography in 2014 taking photography and the world by force. While doing something they truly love they have been published on several occasions and recognized abroad.

Bonnie has been taking photos since she was a young teen back home in Canada and it wasn't until several years later upon coming to the US that she began to share her work with the world. 

Alejandro who was born and raised in Peru always had a love for composition in regards to photography but it was not until he met his wife that his gift for photography began to blossom. 


'Our goal is for each photo to be a work of art...moments captured in time that can be a different message and meaning for each individual' 

Photos also available on aluminum or acrylic.

eklund head shot.jpg

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For more information contact Bonnie

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