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Ursula Schroter

Silk Painting, Alcohol Ink Painting

Since 1987 Ursula Schroter has been creating fine art paintings and functional accessories like scarves and clothing on various types of silk using a variety and combination of different techniques.


Ursula has been an instructor for silk painting and has participated at exhibitions and in art shows, and has sold her wearable art at retail stores and her wall art at galleries. 


Each single piece is hand painted on different kinds of silk, mostly with steam-fixing French dyes and sometimes with silk paints. 

The brilliance of the color using silk dyes on luxurious silk is amazing. First the silk has to be tightened to a frame and is then painted using various techniques.


Silks painted with steam-fixing dyes are prepared for steam fixation by rolling them between two layers of paper which is placed in a special steamer where it is standing in the steam for several hours. The steaming process not only sets the dye permanently and bonds it with the silk, but also develops the color to bring out all its brightness and intensity. Subsequently, every piece is hand washed and rinsed under clear water to remove any excess dye. After ironing dry the silk has its natural softness and luster.


Ursula also creates artwork with Alcohol Ink.


She is a member of the Carlsbad-Oceanside Art League, the San Dieguito Art Guild, the San Diego Silk Guild and the Silk Painters International.       


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